How do I stop guests posting photos on social media before i do?

The easiest way is to ask the celebrant to make an anouncement before the ceremony requesting what you would like. This is usually the time they tell guests politely not to take photos during the ceremony.

What are the newest trends in Wedding Photography?
Trends come and go. Speak to your photographer and let them know the kind of photos you like. I always do a mix of journalistic photos and some fun creative work. The goal is to have the photos tell the story of yiur day. Your photographer will be happy to hear your thoughts. 

As a photographer I strive to capture your personalities and all those special moments on the day.

How important are Wedding Albums?

Owning an album is really personal choice. At the end of the day it is nice to have a gorgeous hand crafted record of your day in print. Over time an album will increase in sentimental value and can be handed down through generations. It is a record of a significant event in your life. Some argue albums are never looked at but I can tell you over time you will laugh and treasure those special moments. So I give my clients the option.