Pop Up Celebrations Brisbane

Mr & Mrs Burgess

Congratulations to the newlyweds Matt & Sarah! 🙂 It was a pleasure being your Wedding Photographer and it was one l will always remember. Now not everyone loved the idea of a Wedding on The Brisbane Wheel… but Matt and Sarah did and they booked our first ever Pop-Up-Wedding.

We all got our 15 minutes of fame being the first ever Wedding on the Brisbane Wheel. What a fun and unique way to tie the knot, which was Matt & Sarah to a Tee. Me being the first to photograph this – YAY!! (little happy dance) Ann Ricketts being the first celebrant to legalise things for Matt and Sarah. We were all making history.

It was a warm sunny day in Brisbane when Matt and Sarah’s special day began. I was very excited walking up to the Wheel and seeing all the guests waiting for the Bride to arrive. All the hard work Ann and myself had put into this special day, and it was finally happening. Yay!

Matt and his beautiful fiancé Sarah have both arrived and are ready to get married. We head into the VIP gondola that is allocated especially for us. Matt and Sarah also bring their two little boys. Surprisingly not squashed at all. The bright and clear day looks even more picturesque from inside what is now their little ceremony bubble. Family and friends watched on as the Best man live streamed to everyone below as they said their I-do’s 

Everyone was excited to see how it unveiled and for some feedback. So far we have had nothing but great reviews. What a relief!! The first Wedding on The Brisbane Wheel was a success 🙂 🙂 

Now bring on more!! 

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